Schiebel Introduces Enhancements to CAMCOPTER S-100

(Vienna, June 9, 2010) -- To meet the ever increasing demands of customers worldwide, Schiebel's CAMCOPTER(r) S-100 VTOL UAS (Unmanned AircraftSystem) is being continuously improved. The latest upgrades provide externalunder-slung load capability, extended range/endurance and increased electrical payload power output. President of the Schiebel Group, Hans Georg Schiebel says, As with all high-tech products, development never seems to be totally completed. There is always engineering and improvement of capabilities ongoing, but certainly within the framework of further perfecting reliability and availability . To keep pace with the changing needs of the global UAS market, Schiebel now offers an external fuel tank for extended range and endurance. This option increases flight time to up to 10 hours and has already been delivered to a U.S. customer. Additional enhancements include the ability to carry external suspended under-slung loads andincreased electrical power output for payloads, as options for the CAMCOPTER(r) S-100. The ability to conduct re-supply missions and to transport goods is quickly becoming a requirement in the VTOL UAV market. To fill this niche, the CAMCOPTER(r) S-100 now can carry up to 80 kg (176 lbs) of external under-slung load. This broadens the reach of the CAMCOPTER(r) S-100 mission abilities. In addition, so the S-100 better supports an even wider range of sensors, Schiebel offers increased electrical power output for multiple payload installation or for sensor packages with high power demands, as an add-on module.
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Source: Schiebel
Date: Jun 10, 2010