CAMCOPTER S-100 Supports Rover Video Surveillance System Capability

(Vienna, June 8, 2010) -- Schiebel successfully tested and integrated the ROVER (Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver) system. This receive only system allows ground personnel to see the images from cameras and sensors that are carried by a UAV or manned aircraft platform. The integration of ROVER with the CAMCOPTER(r) S-100 as a rotary wing UAS provides the user on the ground with capabilities previously unavailable when using similar systems on fixed wing UAV platforms. In service to military units for several years, the ROVER system has evolved into a man portable system, capable of delivering real time intelligence to field commanders. The information is shown on a small monitor or laptop. The whole ROVER system device may be carried in a backpack. All information is transmitted directly from the UAS to the ROVER. This creates a significant awareness advantage for any unit commander. With a ROVER system transmitter equipped CAMCOPTER(r) S-100, the UAV operator and ground units are looking at the same image; allowing for precise target recognition by having multiple eyes on the actual image. The integration of ROVER into the CAMCOPTER(r) S-100 will greatly improve the field commander s situational understanding and decision making process. This is particularly important in today's diverse, quickly changing and dynamic operational scenarios. says Neil Hunter, Managing Director of Schiebel. ROVER is the choice of the U.S. military and a number of NATO countries. Its integration with the CAMCOPTER(r) S-100 is significant upgrade in the UAV s ability to offer precise, real time close in aerial support to personnel in the field.
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Source: Schiebel
Date: Jun 9, 2010