Luciad presents next-generation software for superior aeronautical information exchange

High performance AIXM 5.1 and Digital NOTAM visualization at AIXM/WXXM User Conference McLean, USA, May 3rd 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Luciad, the specialist in high performance visualization for situational awareness applications in Aviation, is taking an active role at the second annual joint Aeronautical Information Exchange (AIXM) and Weather Information Exchange Model (WXXM) Conference in Washington DC, May 4-6. The Conference is hosted by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and will focus on Digital Convergence on the Common Operating Picture. On Thursday May 6th, Luciad will be presenting and demonstrating LuciadMap(tm), its flagship software solution for building aeronautical information systems with class leading graphical display capabilities. Two concrete projects will provide the audience with tangible insights: Implementations of AIXM 5.1 and Digital NOTAM - integration into Lockheed Martin's FltWinds In the first presentation, Mourad Trabelsi will demonstrate FltWinds 2, the Lockheed Martin airline solution based on LuciadMap to manage flights from initial flight plan filing through gate arrival at destination. AIXM 5.1 and Digital NOTAM technology are used to provide dispatchers with up-to-date alerts that affect flight management decisions. Through EUROCONTROL's Digital SNOWTAM Trail Service, airport status and detailed runway surface contaminations are tracked and visualized to create a Common Operational Picture for the dispatcher. Electronic Flight Bag Application (OGC-OWS-7) The second presentation will highlight Luciad's participation in the OGC OWS-7 research project and the lessons learned. In this project, Luciad is building a next-generation Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to provide pilots with up-to-date aeronautical and weather information through AIXM, WXXM and OGC Web Services. During the entire event, Luciad's AIM products and demonstrations will be on display at the exhibition area of the Conference. More info and details can be found on
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Source: LUCIAD
Date: May 3, 2010