Sectra Speeds Up Swedish Network Encryption

Linkoping, Sweden, May 3, 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Sectra has been commissioned by FMV, the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, to develop a high-speed crypto. The new crypto will protect sensitive information in national networks used by Swedish government authorities and defense forces. The speed is 10 Gbit/s, which is extremely faster than the encryption applied today. The order value is SEK 23 million. Sectra's high-speed crypto protects voice, data and video and the security level is the highest, Top Secret. Delivery will be in 2012. "An information explosion is under way and our customers need to be able to communicate ever-increasing amounts of data in a secure manner," says Michael Bertilsson, President of Sectra Communications. "Sectra's high-speed crypto guarantees the highest security and provides the authorities and the defense forces in Sweden access to rapid and secure transmission of information." Traffic in the Swedish civil and military networks is already protected by encryption from Sectra, of which the fastest version at high security levels encrypts at a speed of 155 Mbit/s. Sectra is the leading supplier of crypto products to the government authorities and defense forces in Sweden. Encryption from Sectra covers all security levels and protects everything from radio communications in TETRA networks to test data from the JAS 39 Gripen aircraft and the tactical radio communications of Sweden's peacekeeping forces.
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Source: Sectra AB
Date: May 3, 2010