Anglogold Ashanti, Luciad and Oracle develop ground-breaking system for collaborative spatial exploration data access & 4D visualization

McLean, USA, April 27, 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Luciad, the specialist in high performance visualization for situational awareness and Anglogold Ashanti, will be presenting a case study on the Anglogold Ashanti Streamline Enterprise system at the upcoming Oracle Spatial User Conference on April 29 in Phoenix AZ, USA. Anglogold Ashanti selected LuciadMap(tm) as the web-centric application for the visualization of its massive amounts of datasets, stored in Oracle Spatial 11g, into one coherent situational picture. Streamline Enterprise is Anglogold Ashanti's central multilingual Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) & decision support system to capture, store, analyze, display and retrieve massive amounts of spatial data. These data sets range from various types of images, to detailed geological and operational information, up to including legal documents, user information and even style preferences. The AngloGold Ashanti Streamline Enterprise system uses LuciadMap technology and Oracle Spatial 11g to provide easy, visual access to large amounts of complex data from the company's global gold mining operations. The Spatial Data Infrastructure stores all imagery in Oracle Spatial 11g as GeoRaster data, with links to documents and survey products. LuciadMap is the robust, web-enabled application which visualizes all the Anglogold data, regardless of their nature, in one coherent situational picture. Luciad's Earth functionality integrated on top of LuciadMap enables Anglogold users to move massive amounts of data from the centralized Streamline source across their organization. LuciadMap's advanced caching and lazy loading techniques allow remote users worldwide to work off line or on low bandwidths without any loss of performance. "Luciad provides us with worldwide seamless access and graphical visualization of all our exploration data, even with limited network connection", says Terry Harbort, Exploration Systems Architect at Anglogold Ashanti. "The LuciadMap platform is designed for the 4D environment and visualization we require and fully integrates with Oracle as well as with our system's multilingual environment. The modular component structure also helps us to easily develop higher level custom data discovery and knowledge tools on top of LuciadMap, giving us a competitive advantage over other mining companies." "The successful implementation of Streamline Enterprise is a reflection of the close cooperation between Oracle, Anglogold Ashanti and Luciad" says Mike Freeman, Luciad Inc CEO. "Luciad's partnership with Oracle is reinforced by the seamless integration with Oracle Spatial 11g and the GeoRaster formats used. Being selected by Anglogold Ashanti to provide the system's graphical user interface further confirms that organizations with complex spatial data and high requirements for situational awareness are turning to Luciad. I am excited that Anglogold Ashanti has joined our extensive and growing customer base."
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Source: LUCIAD
Date: Apr 27, 2010