GD CNI Receives Extension of Operations from US Navy

(Fairfax, Va., The Naval Network Warfare Command has extended the deployment of the Common Network Interface (CNI) software package on the Navy's Information Technology-21st century (IT-21) platforms through March 2012 to allow fleet operators to continue to evaluate the system and provide feedback to enhance its capabilities. Developed by General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, CNI improves situational awareness for Amphibious Readiness Group commanders by delivering a Link-16 tactical picture, modern displays and human-machine interface enhancements. Common Network Interface is in use on five amphibious assault ships including USS Nassau, USS Peleliu, USS Boxer, USS Bonhomme Richard and USS Kearsarge. The Navy plans to install CNI systems on USS Bataan and USS Essex by the end of June 2010. Comprised of a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) processor and software suite, CNI is capable of integrating and displaying multiple-source data into a real-time tactical picture. Watch officers can view and manipulate tactical data, develop situational awareness and access a variety of tools and software applications from one source as opposed to multiple stovepiped displays. The Common Network Interface, which is based on an open architecture computing system, leverages existing software developed for other Department of Defense projects or by other industry vendors, providing flexibility and adaptability for future missions. CNI also employs the Navy's rapid capability insertion process, ensuring increased capability is incorporated at a faster rate through frequent software upgrade cycles. Developed in a series of "flights," each deployment of CNI inserts additional tactical capability and improves the user interface without incurring high costs associated with dismantling and reinstalling entire systems. General Dynamics incorporates feedback from fleet users with each flight ensuring warfighter-driven improvements are included. In the future, this system will also provide a single integrated display of correlated radar and link picture.
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Source: General Atomics
Date: Apr 21, 2010