Frasca Bell 206B FTD Gets Level 7 Qualification

(March 30, 2010) -- Frasca International is proud to announce it has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Level 7 qualification on its 206B Flight Training Device (FTD) installed at FlightSafety International's (FSI) Learning Center in Lafayette, LA. This is the highest level of qualification for Flight Training Devices and only the second FTD qualified to the Level 7 standard, the first being Frasca's AS350 which received approval in August of 2009 and is in use at FSI's facility in Tucson, AZ. The FTD is fixed based with a vibration platform which provides tactile cues related to both normal and emergency operations and is integrated to Flight Safety's Vital X visual system using Frasca's spherical display screens to provide a 200 X 70 field of view. Other features include Frasca's Graphical Instructor Station (GISt), Frasca's next generation ECL 2.0 Digital Electric Control Loading system and more. "Level 7 FTD's are very complicated devices. Many of the tests are the same as required for a Level D Full Flight Simulator. Frasca undertook a significant investment to develop the capability to collect aircraft data and develop quality aerodynamic models. Receiving the FAA's Level 7 qualification is a significant validation of Frasca's engineering processes." commented John Frasca, Vice President of Frasca International, Inc. A third FTD for the Bell 407 is nearing completion by Frasca for FlightSafety and will also undergo FAA Level 7 qualification. It will be installed at the Lafayette facility next month.
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Source: Frasca International
Date: Mar 31, 2010