Fibrotex Supplies Multi Spectral Camouflage and Concealment Systems to IDF

(Israel, March 16, 2010) -- Fibrotex Technologies, a global industry leader in camouflage, concealment, and deception solutions, and the IDF's (Israel Defense Force) exclusive supply-source choice for decades, announces a contract award under which it supplied the IDF with thousands of its advanced multispectral OP (Observation Post) systems. Building on a forty year history of cooperation as the IDF's go-to source for its myriad permutations of camouflage, concealment, and deception technologies, Fibrotex continues as its source for meeting future requirements. The company's multispectral Signature Management Systems (SMS), which provide concealment throughout a battlefield's sector range, including UV, visual, infrared, thermal, and radar. "This contract is very important to us as it underscores the IDF's longstanding confidence in Fibrotex' systems." Says Adi Blum, Fibrotex' CEO. He goes on to say "We take great pride in our company's four decade relationship as its exclusive source for concealment solutions, and we value each new contract award as further proof of our products' performance. With this order, we continue to bolster our global reputation for quality and innovation backed by field proven success." Working closely with the IDF on the development of Signature Management Systems, Fibrotex boasts an array of camouflage & concealment products specifically adapted and adaptable to a variety of differing mission requirements, environments, and terrains. The multispectral Observation Posts (OP), Fibrotex supplies to the IDF under this order enables its users to remain concealed from all types of sensors that are deployed in today's battlefield environment. Fibrotex' OP provides sniper to team level battlefield concealment protection against known sensor threats and guidance systems. Blum points out that, "Advanced military forces around the world understand that camouflage and concealment are a must in today's battlefield. Increasingly sophisticated sensors are able to see our forces by using thermal imagery, and near IR equipment. Our OP answers this challenge. Unique to our observation posts is their ability to be deployed within minutes, providing protection from any sensor employed on the modern battlefield."

Source: Fibrotex Technologies
Date: Mar 17, 2010