Metal Storm Weapons Participate in UGV Live-Fire Scenario

(Brisbane, Australia, March 12, 2010) -- Metal Storm has received video footage from the US Navy of Metal Storm weapon systems taking part in an unmanned systems-based live-fire demonstration. This footage is now being made available on the Metal Storm website. China Lake, located on the edge of California's Mojave Desert, was chosen to provide a realistic environment for the demonstrations. With temperatures reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit, its hot, dry, dusty environment is very similar to that encountered in Afghanistan, providing a harsh but realistic fieldtest for equipment. Metal Storm demonstrated a FireStorm(tm) 40mm 4 barrel 24 shot remote weapons system mounted to an iRobot(r) 710 Warrior(r) unmanned ground vehicle for a crowd control and road clearing demonstration. The trial culminated in Metal Storm's FireStorm(tm) producing a series of live fire volleys in semi-automatic fire modes. The less lethal frangible nose ammunition delivered both blunt force trauma and a simulated irritant accurately to each target. On the video the viewer will see projectiles accurately hit the target producing a cloud of simulated irritant, while the plastic sabot that protects each frangible nose splits and falls away harmlessly as each projectile leaves the barrel. Metal Storm Inc. (MSI) General Manager Peter D. Faulkner said that participating in the event was important as it allowed a broad, influential international military audience to see what the technology was capable of. "Public demonstrations of this type are important to us as they allow potential customers to see firsthand, the maturity and readiness of our products in an operationally relevant environment" said Faulkner. Metal Storm Limited CEO, Dr Lee Finniear lauded the iRobot team for the successful outcome. "Our work with iRobot since 2007 has been very productive for Metal Storm as it has allowed us to demonstrate FireStorm as a complete system solution. The companies have worked well together over the last two years, and we are proud to have worked with them once again on this exciting project." Video footage supplied by the US Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division can now be accessed from the Metal Storm website at

Source: Metal Storm Limited (ASX: MST)
Date: Mar 12, 2010