Ducommun Receives Patent for Inertial/Magnetic Measurement Device

(Los Angeles, December 8, 2009) -- Ducommun Incorporated (NYSE: DCO) announced today that its Miltec Corporation (Miltec) subsidiary was issued U.S. Patent No. 7,587,277 "Inertial/Magnetic Measurement Device" by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on September 8, 2009. Miltec's Inertial/Magnetic Measurement Device (IMU) is a navigation system that utilizes magnetometers to very accurately determine pitch, roll and heading while using COTS (commercial off the shelf) MEMS gyros. Mike Stanfield, President of Miltec, stated, "This innovation highlights our commitment to delivering best-in-class technology to our aerospace and defense customers and further strengthens our continuing commitment to research and development and technical innovation." The patented Inertial/Magnetic Measurement Device technology is implemented in Miltec's Mini3x product line. These products deliver high accuracy and performance in a small footprint making them ideal for navigation and control of systems such as small satellites, unmanned ground and air vehicles, and missiles in which cost, weight, and volume are critical. This advancement in technology is also enabling the development of remote target location systems that have accuracies and robustness beyond that of conventional digital compassing systems. Joseph C. Berenato, chairman and chief executive officer of Ducommun, stated, "The ability to develop specialized design engineered components and subsystems for missile defense was one of the capabilities Ducommun hoped to develop through the Miltec acquisition. This patent for the IMU demonstrates that we are beginning to deliver on that promise. This movement toward design engineered product and services is a strategic goal of Ducommun."
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Source: Ducommun Inc.
Date: Dec 9, 2009