Finnish Aviation Academy Orders Frasca Phenom FTDs

(November 4, 2009) -- The Finnish Aviation Academy has contracted with Frasca International, Inc. for two Embraer Phenom Synthetic Training Devices (STDs) and an avionics trainer. The two STDs will meet the JAR FSTD Level 2 and FNPT II MCC requirements and will each include a 220 degree visual system, TruVision(tm) Global, manufactured by Frasca. The avionics trainer will be a desktop design featuring Embraer's Prodigy Flight Deck. All three devices will be installed at the Finnish Aviation Academy training facility in Pori, Finland. The first device is scheduled for delivery in late 2010. The Finnish Aviation Academy currently has several Frasca simulators in service including an EC-135 FNPT II helicopter device, four Bonanza STDs, a Mentor(tm) and a KingAir B300 FNTP II MCC. "The Finnish Aviation Academy has been a customer of ours for over 20 years. During this time we have learned a lot about each other and as result we understand their expectations and they understand our capabilities. Frasca has benefited from the exacting demands of the Finnish Aviation Academy. These demands have pushed us into increasingly complicated levels of simulation as well as improving our product reliability and ease of use. Frasca is proud to have been selected by the Finnish Aviation Academy as the supplier of their Phenom FTD's," stated John Frasca, VP, Frasca International. "Frasca has provided training devices for us since 1986. All these years Frasca has successfully followed the evolution of technology in synthetic training. The trainers have provided us with considerable training advantages enabling our students to achieve the required training levels within the planned training schedules. The quality of the trainers has made the transition into the aircraft smooth and has helped the students in this step into reality. The long and strong experience combined with innovative design and production gives us good value for the money and strong basis for future. We look forward to start our next step in training with Embraer Phenom 100 aircraft and Frasca simulators," stated Juha Siivonen, Managing Director, Finnish Aviation Academy.
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Source: Frasca International
Date: Nov 5, 2009