New voice crypto for European government authorities

Sectra Panthon protects all telephone calls from eavesdropping Linkoping, Sweden, November 3, 2009 --[ASDWire]-- Sectra is launching the Panthon voice encryptor, which will enable European government authorities to protect all their sensitive telephone calls from eavesdropping. Panthon protects telephony up to the security level Restricted, and the new voice crypto will be unveiled at the Dutch IT security trade fair on November 4 and 5. Eavesdropping is a serious threat, and security awareness is rising throughout the world. Previously, products for encrypted telephony have primarily been intended to protect confidential information at the security level, Secret. Today a shift in attitude is currently taking place, resulting in an increase in demand for products that enable all government employees to communicate securely. With Sectra Panthon seamlessly integrated with a smartphone, making an encrypted telephone call is as easy as making a regular telephone call. Since voice quality is important to Sectra's users, Panthon has the same crystal clear sound as Sectra's other voice crypto products. The encryption is hardware-based and installed on a microSD-card that is inserted in the telephone. "Sectra's voice crypto products are the most secure and easy-to-use alternative available in the market today. Decision-makers in more than half of the EU member states use the Tiger XS personal voice encryptor for secure communication of state secrets at the security level Secret. Now we are supplementing our offering to European government authorities by offering Panthon, which will allow them to easily protect all telephone calls from eavesdropping at the security level Restricted," says Michael Bertilsson, President Sectra Communications.

Source: Sectra AB
Date: Nov 3, 2009