A New and Advanced B737-NG EFB STC for Navaero

(Chigago, IL., October 30, 2009) -- navAero announces the achievement of a new STC for the B737-NG Series aircraft that features significant advancement in EFB connectivity. ST02714NY, issued July 29, 2009, is the eighth STC issued for the t.BagC22 EFB and this STC brings a vast array of enhanced functionality to the navAero EFB system which are significant technological advancements to the initial STC of the t.BagC22 for the B737-NG Series issued in 2005. These functional enhancements are especially beneficial for those airlines and commercial operators who utilize the B737-600, -700, -700C, -800, -900 and -900ER aircrafts and are seeking to implement Airport Moving Map as well as a wireless means for updating and managing the data that resides on the EFBs. STC ST02714NY provides for Ethernet cross-connectivity of the two navAero EFB CPU modules so to allow for data sharing. Further, the STC includes the connections of the EFB systems to the aircraft's onboard avionics systems. A special developed software interface allows for the appropriate data from the onboard avionics systems to feed Airport Moving Map (AMM) applications for the display of own-ship position. Additionally, the STC also incorporates the custom, navAero-developed, AT&T certified UTMS/HSDPA/3G internal CPU module that allows for on-the-ground cellular connectivity between the EFB's and the AT&T network for data transfer. This data movement technology, pioneered by navAero for the commercial aviation industry, has been demonstrated and approved by the FAA for a major international airline.
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Source: navAero
Date: Nov 2, 2009