Nammo and Bumar Strengthen Their Relationship

(October 23, 2009) -- The Nammo Group has been present in Poland for over 10 years co-operating with the Polish defense industry developing and manufacturing modern munitions systems for the Polish Armed Forces (PAF) Based on the mutual benefits from this co-operation in favor of the PAF, the two companies have decided to establish a strategic co-operation agreement. By combining skills and technical potential, Nammo and Bumar will be able to increase their investments efforts in the Bumar subsidiaries; ZM Mesko, ZM Dezamet and ZPS Gamrat Sp. z o.o., and to offer the PAF a range of attractive products. The co-operation has so far been successful for both parties and through technology transfer from Nammo it has allowed state-of-the-art ammunition to be produced for new weapon platforms in Poland, like 20mm for F16 and 30mm for Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Technology and services have already been transferred from Nammo to Mesko for the establishment of a safe and environmentally friendly installation for demilitarization of old and obsolete ammunition. "The Agreement is a milestone for the future co-operation between Nammo and Polish defense industry and will increase our range of co-operation to include small, medium and large caliber ammunition products and rocket & missile propulsion systems. It will also give us an opportunity to be part of the restructuring and the development of a modern Polish ammunition and missile industry which can meet future domestic requirements as well as becoming a partner for the international market", says President & CEO of Nammo, Mr Edgar Fossheim.

Source: Nammo AS
Date: Oct 26, 2009