Fincantieri: The 'Nasir' Delivered in Muggiano

Second of Four Patrol Vessels for the Iraqi Navy (Trieste, October 8, 2009) -- Today at Fincantieri's shipyard in Muggiano (La Spezia) there was the delivery ceremony for the second of four patrol vessels ordered by the Iraqi Navy from Fincantieri. The order, worth overall 80 million Euros, also comprises the provision of logistical support and crew training for each vessel. Representing Iraq at the ceremony was the Secretary General of the Ministry of the Defence, General Saleh Sarhan, while Italy was represented by the Director General for Naval Constructions and Armaments, Chief Inspector Admiral Dino Nascet on behalf of the Chief of Staff of the Navy. Fincantieri was represented by the Director of the Naval Vessels Unit, Alberto Maestrini. Sister to the "Fateh" which was delivered last May, the "Nasir" (which means "Victory") will be escorted to the Suez Canal by Italian Navy vessels and then to Umm Qasr by U.S. Navy vessels for a voyage to the Persian Gulf of approximately one month. On reaching Iraqi territory the "Nasir" will immediately start patrolling the Exclusive Economic Zone (58 km of coastline rich in oil fields, the country's main economic resource), search and rescue operations, controlling maritime traffic and firefighting. The next vessel is scheduled for delivery at the end of the year. These "Saettia MK4" class vessels have been developed from the ships built by Fincantieri for the Italian Coast Guard (five "Diciotti" class vessels) and for the Armed Forces of Malta (one vessel) and will constitute the core of the patrol fleet of the Iraqi Navy with tasks similar to those of the Italian Coast Guard. 53.40 metres long and 8 wide, these vessels can reach a speed of 23 knots and accommodate a crew of 38. The Italian Naval Register is supervising construction of the vessels in accordance with strict international standards regarding safety and respect for the environment. Fincantieri also directly supplies the naval systems and components manufactured at the company's facilities in Bari and Riva Trigoso, such as: propulsion apparatus (Isotta Fraschini V1716T2MSD 2360 kW engines, shafts and variable pitch propellors), and generators (Isotta Fraschini L1306T3ME 220 kW generators) and stabilising systems.
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Source: Fincantieri
Date: Oct 9, 2009