Stork Fokker makes tail section, floor panels and fuselage panels for rolled out G650

Innovative design with breakthrough thermoplastic technology Papendrecht, 29 September 2009 --[ASDWire]-- The tail section and the floor panels for the new Gulfstream G650 which was rolled out today in Savannah, are designed and produced by Stork Fokker. Also the fuselage panels are "Fokker" made. Stork Fokker announced in March 2008 that it had won the contract for the design, production and integration of the tail section, the floor panels and the fuselage panels. A team of highly qualified engineers was stationed in Savannah much earlier to take an active role in the design process. The assembly is carried out at Stork Fokker in Papendrecht (Netherlands), where teams from both companies have been working together. The application of a new generation of composite materials in the rudder and elevator, and the use of a new welding method, are just two examples of the breakthrough technological innovations applied in the design of the new tail section. Fokker's renowned expertise in metal bonding is used in the production of the fuselage panels. Henk Valk, Executive Vice president of Stork Fokker says "We congratulate Gulfstream Aerospace and its parent company, General Dynamics, on this great milestone in the G650 program and we are proud that we have been selected to work with them. Participation in new aircraft programs such as the G650 is essential for the development of the company's technological knowledge, innovative capabilities and international positioning." Fokker is collaborating in this program with a large supply chain of about 50 partners and suppliers in the Netherlands and other countries. For example the Belgian company SABCA is supplying the skin panels for the horizontal stabilizer section. Stork Fokker and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation have a long history of successful collaboration. Since 1993 Stork Fokker has delivered 450 tails for the very successful Gulfstream GV program. The GV series from Gulfstream comprises three aircraft types, the original GV, the G500 and the G550. Stork Fokker is internationally recognized as a prime specialist in complex aerostructures, the company is one of the strategic units of Stork Aerospace. Stork Aerospace develops and produces advanced structures and electrical systems for the aviation and aerospace industry, and supplies integrated services and products to aircraft owners and operators.
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Source: Stork Fokker AESP BV
Date: Sep 30, 2009