Association of European Airlines and P&W announce strategic partnership

(September 22, 2009) -- The Association of European Airlines (AEA), which represents Europe's most important network carriers, has announced a partnership with one of the iconic names in aviation --- Pratt & Whitney. On 1 September, Pratt & Whitney became an industry partner of AEA, which will bring the U.S. based aero-engine manufacturer even closer to its European customers. Said AEA Secretary General Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus: "This deal makes perfect sense, both for AEA and for Pratt & Whitney. Every AEA member airline is, or has been, a P&W customer, so the commonality of interest is evident. But the relationship is much deeper than between supplier and customer. "As the industry looks to a greener future, it is to the engine manufacturers we turn to deliver the efficiency improvements, which we, and the environment, require for a sustainable future. And, as our sector anticipates further regulatory action on environmental issues, Pratt & Whitney and AEA will work as partners to enhance awareness of propulsion technology developments for the next generation of aircraft." "Pratt & Whitney is honored to be teaming with AEA," said Todd Kallman, President P&W Commercial Engines & Global Services. "The AEA member airlines are leaders in their industry, and we look forward to working together more closely to address the European and global need for more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly engine technologies." The strategic partnership between AEA and Pratt & Whitney marks a further step in the evolution of the Association as it positions itself for the next phase of industry development. "The current economic crisis and its impact on airline markets will profoundly affect the air transport sector as it faces the challenge of reconciling economic and environmental realities," said Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus, "and improved information flows between stakeholders can only enhance the industry's reputation for technical excellence and social responsibility."
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Source: Association of European Airlines
Date: Sep 22, 2009