New Mine Sweeping Robot

(Tel Aviv, Israel, September 9, 2009) -- The Slovakian Company BOZENA will be presenting for the first time its unique mechanical solution for clearing minefields at the 2009 ISDEF exhibition this October in Tel Aviv. The robot- controlled by remoter controls- enables safe accesses to mined zones with risking human lives, locating the mines, sweeping, and sterilizing the area. The robot is suitable for both man targeted and Tank targeted mines. Priced at2.5 Million Shekels (650 thousand USD), the robot has proven experience from mine fields in Afghanistan, Croatia, Sarajevo and Africa and was developed by the company following a demand from the UN. The problem of mines has existed in Israel for years in the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley. According to estimates by military and government officials, this involves an estimated 85 square Kilometer radius and about 40 in the Golan. The majority of these areas could potentially turn into agricultural fields after such "cleaning" by the Robot. The IDF is responsible for the sweeping, and this solution by BOZENA, represented in Israel by TAR Ideal- can provide for a swift and effective solution to the problem.

Source: Bozena
Date: Sep 16, 2009