EMALS Program Completes Key Testing Component

(San Diego, Calif., September 14, 2009) -- General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems division (GA-EMS) completed the second phase of high cycle testing (HCT II) July 27 on the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) power generation and power conditioning equipment. The tests collected reliability and performance data as part of reducing risk and establishing confidence the system meets all specified requirements. The work was performed at GA's Tupelo, Miss. manufacturing and test facility. More than 10,000 cycles were performed at shipboard-representative power and energy levels and duty cycles. A final thermal test will be completed in the next month. This test confirms full operability of the motor generator during the maximum thermal range. In addition, environmental qualification tests will be conducted concurrently with the next phase of HCT, which will add an additional 30,000 cycles to this hardware. "This phase of the test program provides significant risk reduction that the high energy inverters and rectifiers will do their intended job for EMALS. The PCS inverters have demonstrated active clamping beyond any known energy levels previously qualified," said Division Vice President R. Scott Forney, III. EMALS is the catapult launch system that will go on CVN-78 class aircraft carriers, replacing the steam catapults used on current generations of aircraft carriers.

Source: General Atomics
Date: Sep 14, 2009