Royal Thai AF Receives its 1st VIP ATR 72-500

(Bangkok, September 9, 2009) -- Thailand's RTAF (Royal Thai Air Force) today took delivery of its first ATR 72-500 from a contract that was signed in 2007 for four ATR 72 VIP aircraft. This first ATR features a state-of-the-art VIP cabin interior and will be dedicated to the transport of the Thai Royal Family, as well as other Government and military officials. The aircraft is powered by two PW 127M engines, and is equipped with ATR's optional front passenger door. The remaining three ATR 72-500s will be delivered before the end of the year. ATR aircraft have been operating in Thailand since 1990, with three airlines, Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and PB Air, currently operating ATR 72s. The aircraft delivered today is the first being ordered by the Government. Stephane Mayer, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, declared: "We are confident that these specifically designed VIP ATR aircraft will fulfill the transportation needs of the highest authorities in Thailand". He also underlined "the importance of the strong support base of ATR in South East Asia, which is definitely contributing to our continued success in this part of the world. Airlines, as well as Governments, know they can count on our expertise and our proximity to efficiently operate their ATR fleets." Commenting on ATR presence in South East Asia, he added: "Our support facilities include the Asian ATR Training Center (AATC), located in Bangkok and equipped with two Full Flight Simulators, enabling us to provide high qualified training courses to pilots and engineers throughout the region. In addition, we rely on ATR Eastern Support (AES) in Singapore for spares and technical support to all our operators in Asia and the Pacific."

Source: ATR
Date: Sep 9, 2009