Innovative Luciad technology at EUROCONTROL Digital NOTAM workshop

Electronic Flight Bag client demonstrates support for Digital NOTAM handling and AIXM 5 Leuven, Belgium, September 2nd 2009 --[ASDWire]-- Luciad, the specialist in high performance visualization of situational awareness applications in Aviation, will be presenting its innovative solutions for digital NOTAMs (Notice To Airmen) and support for the AIXM 5 standard at the fifth Digital NOTAM workshop, September 9-10, held at the EUROCONTROL headquarters in Brussels. Luciad is a longstanding leader in aeronautical information management and visualization, covering all aspects of modern aviation systems, from airspace management and trajectory support tools to airport and terminal operations. At the event, Luciad will be presenting LuciadMap V9, the latest release of its suite of customizable software components for building mission-critical aeronautical information systems with state-of-the-art graphical display capabilities in ATC/ATM/AIM. Real-time Air Traffic Displays take full advantage of LuciadMap's multi-threading and multi-core processing power. LuciadMap makes it possible to build advanced applications for the high performance handling (decoding, encoding and editing) and visualization of AIXM 5 based aeronautical data such as Digital NOTAMs (digital descriptions of changes to aeronautical data), fully aligned with EUROCONTROL and FAA specifications. Illustrating these capabilities, Luciad will be demonstrating its support for Digital NOTAM handling and AIXM 5 via a LuciadMap-based Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), featuring temporality and OGC Web Feature Server integration. The EFB client enables pilots to gather up-to-date aeronautical and weather information. Luciad built this application as part of the OGC OWS-6 AIM project which focused on testing emerging standards and prototyping cutting edge technologies in support of a realistic aviation scenario. Luciad will also be presenting a Lucy-based Digital NOTAM application. Lucy is a high level application component of the LuciadMap visualization technology suite that offers its entire functionality in one integrated, configurable and extensible application. It loads and visualizes Digital NOTAMs and automatically merges them with preloaded aeronautical information in the AIXM 5.0 format, enabling pilots to achieve superior situational awareness. More info on the Digital NOTAM workshop is available at About Luciad Luciad provides software solutions for high performance visualization of geospatial information. Luciad's software components are the building blocks for mission-critical ATC/ATM and Air Command and Control systems. Luciad's core product is LuciadMap, a software solution that system integrators and original equipment manufacturers can easily integrate into their existing systems. LuciadMap can handle large numbers of static and moving data on top of geographical information, including maps, satellite imagery, and terrain elevation in many different formats and references to achieve a high situational awareness. Luciad also offers an end-user product, based on LuciadMap's technology: ATCPlayback, a viewing capability to play back, review, and analyze simulated or recorded air traffic data. It is a powerful, user-friendly suite that graphically replays and intuitively analyzes ATC simulation results by enabling users to interactively refine the analysis process and graphically visualize the results. Dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible service, Luciad Professional Services will assess advanced system requirements and assist system integrators with the implementation of fully integrated solutions. Luciad's international customer base includes EUROCONTROL, FAA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NATO, Saab, Belgocontrol, NLR, DGAC, DFS, LVNL, NATS, AENA, Skyguide, NavCanada and ENAV. Visit for more information

Source: LUCIAD
Date: Sep 2, 2009