Stratech Secures S$5.88 M Super BullsEye II Contract in Korea

(Singapore, August 28, 2009) -- Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed Stratech Systems Limited ("Stratech") announced that it has secured a US$4.05 million (S$5.88 million) sub-contract to design, co-develop and implement a TV Ordnance Scoring System (TOSS) for the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF). TOSS will be powered by Stratech's state-of-the-art Super BullsEye(r) II Advanced Weapons Scoring System and is to be integrated with an Electronic Warfare Training System (EWTS) to be delivered to ROKAF. The EWTS will be used to train ROKAF pilots by simulating hostile threat environments, including missile interceptors, ground-to-air guided rockets, anti-aircraft guns and others. Under the TOSS project, Stratech will provide ROKAF with an air-to-ground weapons scoring system for bombs and rockets. Powered by Stratech's proprietary Intelligent Vision technologies, the system uses electro-optic sensors to accurately score weapons impact day and night. Its distinctive advantages include the ability to score over land and on water, its scoring accuracy, fast impact point measurement, as well as comprehensive scoring analysis. "By monitoring and recording the flight path of the aircraft before, during and after the attack and with the following parameters - approach heading, dive angle, firing range and aircraft speed - displayed by the system, the next generation Super BullsEye(r) will also be capable of providing analysis of the firing profile," said Dr. David K.M. Chew, Executive Chairman of Stratech.

Source: Stratech Systems
Date: Aug 28, 2009