Transavia Relies on Navigation Data from Lufthansa Systems

(August 27, 2009) -- Dutch carrier has opted for another solution from Lufthansa Systems' Lido FlightOps portfolio. In the future, the airline will also obtain its FMS (Flight Management System) data from the Lido navigation database of Lufthansa Systems. already uses the Lido OC flight planning solution and the Lido RouteManual navigation charts from Lufthansa Systems. As a result, now receives all information for its flight operations from a single source. This reduces complexity and increases process efficiency in flight preparation and in the cockpit. The Lido FMS data contain all relevant navigation points worldwide including airport data for optimizing routes and supporting autopilots on board modern aircraft. The navigation data, which are based on global aeronautical information, are updated monthly and can be customized for use in any type of aircraft and route network. Lufthansa Systems can thus meet the requirements and needs of airlines at all times. More than 150 airlines worldwide rely on Lido FMS for safe and efficient flight operations.
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Source: Lufthansa Systems AG
Date: Aug 27, 2009