Analytic Systems Supplies Charger to JBT AeroTec for Saab Gripens

(August 5, 2009) -- Surrey, B.C. Canada. Analytic Systems a Canadian manufacturer of high performance power conversion products is pleased to be working with JBT AeroTech of Chicago, Il. Analytic Systems provides a JBT with a highly ruggedized AC Battery Charger for their Jetaire(r) units. These units can cool aircraft avionics, passenger cabin, cargo area, and baggage storage areas. If needed, the units can be used to spot-cool brakes after a hot landing or to ventilate the fuel tank during aircraft maintenance. JBT AeroTech supplies Jetaire(r) units to commercial airlines, airports, maintenance hangars, airframe manufacturing facilities, and military air fields. They have provided more than 4,500 units around the world such as the units used for the Saab Gripen's avionics cooling and to cool the Gripen's aircraft components.

Source: Analytic Systems
Date: Aug 10, 2009