Argon Electronics delivers LCD-SIM lightweight chemical detector simulation instruments to UK Police

Luton, U.K., 03 August 2009 --ASDWire-- Argon Electronics LLP has announced the delivery of its LCD3.2e-SIM product under a number of separate contracts during 2008 and the first half of 2009 to U.K. Police forces for training personnel in the use of the LCD(tm) lightweight chemical agent detector. LCD3.2e-SIM is a dedicated product variant within Argon's LCD-SIM range of simulation instruments for the LCD(tm) series of lightweight chemical detectors from Smiths Detection. It enables trainees to realistically and safely simulate the experience of using and responding to the alarms that would be provided by a real LCD(tm) detector, without the risk of damage to those instruments and without the need to employ potentially harmful live agent or simulants. The LCD-SIM system provides powerful remote control features for CBRN instructors, and records operator errors for after action review. LCD-SIM is compatible with the use of other Argon simulation instruments and the PlumeSIM system for remote wide area classroom and live field training. Development of the LCD-SIM range reflects heightened international awareness of the need to protect front-line responders and personnel against the risk of chemical weapons use, and increasing recognition that a key component of this provision is ensuring that responders are fully trained in all aspects of the operation and use of their detection, identification and monitoring devices. LCD-SIM complements the CAMSIM and ECAMSIM training systems that have been in use with UK police forces for a number of years.

Source: Argon Electronics LLP
Date: Aug 4, 2009