On-line and Interactive - Sentinel Class Leads the Way in 21st Century Maintenance and Training

01 July 2009 --[ASDWire]-- Integrated Logistics Support specialists CHAND LLC has selected Absolute Data Group's (ADG) integrated software suite to provide an advanced e-learning, planned maintenance and electronic technical manual capability for the new fleet of U.S Coast Guard Sentinel Class Cutters. 154 feet in length and capable of speeds in excess of 28 knots, the cutters are armed with one remotely-operated 25mm chain gun and four crew-served .50 caliber machine guns. With a crew capability of 22, the Sentinel Class Patrol boats will be able to perform independently for a minimum of 5 days at sea, and be underway for 2,500 hours per year. Well known for their innovative approach to meet customer requirements, CHAND recognized the opportunity to provide the Coast Guard with a leading edge solution for a 21st century vessel. Utilizing the ASD S1000D specification for Technical Data, ADG's S1000D product suit leverages the benefits of storing and managing all technical data and illustrations as managed objects in a Common Source Database for reuse in maintenance, integrated logistics support and training content. This capability will enable the Coast Guard to extend from its traditional high-quality printed manuals to more efficient, interactive, electronic manuals that are linked to parts and training data. "An integrated software suite works together to provide technical and procedural information, maintenance planning data and integrated training packages that will reduce operational costs while providing field personnel easy access to real-time technical and safety information." said Dan LeBlanc, Technical Writing and Training Manager. "It will help make the Sentinel Class Cutter leading edge in every way". CHAND will also provide an online competency based training for maintainers and operators via ADG' Skills M5 e-Learning system, supplementing traditional printed and field based training; allowing personnel to be able to access training information from any internet enabled computer. "It's always exciting to see ADG technology being used around the world for very important projects," said ADG CEO Tammy Halter. "Large and small industries that have high-risk environments and defense departments internationally are choosing ADG because our systems are cutting-edge, cost-effective and quick to implement. Customers also trust in ADG's heritage of working in the Defense, Aerospace and Civil Aviation sectors for the last 12 years." The Sentinel Class Cutters, (WPC), are being manufactured by Bollinger Shipyards Inc. and the Lead cutter is currently due for delivery to the U.S. Coast Guard in FY 2011.

Source: Absolute Data Group
Date: Jun 30, 2009