Oldbury unfolds its range of Scene and Incident Management Equipment

Thursday, 2nd April 2009 --[ASDWire]-- Oldbury UK, of Wolverhampton, England, has announced a new 'modular-concept' range of trailer-based systems for the defence, civil emergency and homeland security market. The fully mobile systems are designed to meet rapid response and deployment requirements including scene, incident and crowd management barriers, personnel decontamination, vehicle and equipment cleansing and other operational support roles. The company already supplies trailed platform solutions for a wide range of specialist applications. The new Oldbury mobile scene management barrier is designed primarily for crowd and riot control - and scene and incident management applications such as CBRN, security cordons and temporary closures. The width-adjustable, fold out configuration is fully deployable in around 4 minutes and several units can be coupled together in series. The solid barrier skin includes an access door, viewing windows and flap-over, anti-scaling overhangs. The design also incorporates a number of patented features - notably to enhance strength and stability. The entry level variant is based on a braked, lightweight single-axle, rubber suspended trailer for ease of handling and manoeuvrability - and for towing behind a normal light commercial vehicle or 4x4. However, the design can be scaled and progressively up-armoured to provide ballistic or blast protection. Run flat tyres are fitted as standard. The personnel decontamination package is designed to be integrated within a mobile envelope - such as an enclosed trailer, demountable cabin or a standard ISO container. Oldbury design engineers believe that the most likely option will be to base the unit on one of its low ground clearance drawbar trailer designs, for easier access at ground level. A range of other options have been included in the package, designed to make the unit fully self-sufficient. These include onboard water and waste, power generation and, if required, fully filtered air conditioning. Oldbury's vehicle and equipment cleansing solution is, again, based around a flexible envelope concept and draws on the company's significant experience of specialist mobile wash units for the construction and aircraft industries. The general configuration can be varied to accommodate specific user requirements and the overall dimensions of the equipment or vehicles involved. Spray nozzles and jetting systems can then be positioned to optimise the cleansing requirement for both outer surfaces and undersides. Importantly, all water and contaminated waste is captured for later disposal. Additional user options include the wash unit being built and permanently integrated onto a trailer frame, or demountable for operation at ground level. Oldbury Managing Director, Richard Skan says, "We have an in-depth engineering capability and understanding of the benefits and operational flexibility afforded by building specialist equipment into trailer-based modules. Oldbury has extensive experience in the construction, extraction and aviation markets - where rugged construction, durability and reliability in service - and portability are crucial. The defence and homeland security markets have similar requirements and synergies, giving us a very sound technical foundation for many of the features we have incorporated into our new mobile support package for the sector".

Source: Oldbury UK
Date: Apr 2, 2009