Decision-makers increasingly protecting telephone conversations from eavesdropping

Linkoping, Sweden, November 10, 2008 --[ASDWire]-- Eavesdropping is a real threat that an ever-increasing number of government authorities and organizations are taking seriously. Today, Sectra's Tiger XS products are being used for eavesdrop protection in more than half of the EU member countries. The users are decision-makers, officials and military staff. This week, Sectra is participating in the Dutch IT-security trade fair at which interest is expected to be greater than ever. "We are experiencing increased security awareness within Europe. A growing number of authorities are choosing to protect their communications with crypto products that can follow along with the user and function in a variety of environments," says Michael Bertilsson, President of Sectra Communications. In the Netherlands, where Sectra is participating in, Tiger XS is being used by the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Defense Department, among other authorities. For the past several years, the Dutch security authority has been recommending that all government authorities use Tiger to protect sensitive information. Consequently, the number of users is growing. Unique crypto product with strong security approvals Tiger XS is the most secure product on the market for eavesdrop protection of telephone conversations. Sectra is the only company to offer a product certified by the EU (SECRET UE) and NATO (NATO SECRET). Tiger XS is also security approved by many national security and accreditation bodies in Europe. Protecting telephone conversations is the main function of Tiger XS. Telephone conversations can be protected over ordinary telephone lines, GSM, ISDN and IP networks as well as via satellite systems. Tiger XS can also be used for encrypted telefax and secure data transfers.

Source: Sectra AB
Date: Nov 10, 2008