Chemring Group stages 'Tour de Force' at DSEi 2007

Achievement ... growth ... critical mass ... global footprint ... diversified business... DSEi: ExCel, London: 11-14 September 2007 Stand 994 Friday, 6th September 2007 -[ASDWire]-- The Chemring Group returns to DSEi - now as one of the global defence industry's most successful ascendant stars. The Group has grown exponentially in recent years, both organically and through an ambitious acquisition strategy. Now it is applying a meticulously mapped consolidation and organisational realignment programme across its businesses and subsidiaries. The process is designed to shape the Group into a cohesive commercial structure for the future, with substantive strength and critical mass - and enhanced capabilities to serve its customers and markets worldwide. The Group's presentation at DSEi clearly demonstrates both the diversity and focus of its continuously broadening tri-service coverage of the defence sector. Its subsidiary companies are now increasingly identifiable within four emerging key strands to its activities -Pyrotechnics, Munitions and Explosive Ordnance Disposal - which together make up the Group's energetics business and Countermeasures. Chemring Group Business Development Director, Rik Armitage, says, "Chemring is already recognised as a market leader with exceptional embedded value. We are now ideally positioned to respond to key changes in defence procurement and supply chain patterns around the world. Increasingly, customers and prime contractors now look to a single source for supply - and they expect that organisation to be able to provide an ongoing and hitherto unprecedented level of through life support. Chemring is now well placed and able to fulfil those requirements and obligations - and provide the end user with a very significant level of commitment and confidence for the long-term future". Chemring Countermeasures Chemring's countermeasures businesses at the show are focusing on their broadening range of products and systems, but particularly those applicable to naval operations. Chemring Countermeasures, the Group's Salisbury based business, is a world leader in providing decoys which protect against threats posed by heat-seeking and radar controlled missiles. Its naval division is a prime supplier of naval anti-missile countermeasures or soft kill expendables for the UK Royal Navy, many NATO and other navies. The products are designed using latest and leading edge technologies to address new threat weapon systems as they emerge. Products include distraction, seduction and dual mode 130mm rounds and the new area of 'corner reflector' countermeasures. The company is also becoming increasingly engaged in the field on anti-submarine soft kill ammunition, working on the delivery systems for advanced anti-torpedo and, for the future, anti-submarine sensor payloads. Completing Chemring's countermeasures content at DSEi is Kilgore, the Group's Tennessee, US-based expendable decoy, pyrotechnic and ammunition products manufacturer. Kilgore's industry leading, fully automated and high volume production systems for pressed, extruded and cast IR decoy flares ensure an unmatched level of quality and consistency. It is the sole source countermeasure decoy supplier to the F-22, F-35 and B-52 platforms. It also produces a wide range of other ordnance and small calibre, frangible ammunition products for military, enforcement and security agencies worldwide. Chemring Energetics The Chemring energetics businesses announce a number of developments at DSEi. Notably, as part of the Group's business realignment programme, the two subsidiary businesses of Nobel Energetics, based in Ardeer, Scotland - and Corsham, Wiltshire-based Leafield Engineering are to merge as Chemring Energetics UK Limited. Both companies share the same or similar customer and applications bases, with important synergies and core competencies in energetic material usage. Each of the companies have their own particular strengths - which are complementary - and have the potential to realise significant benefits when combined. Nobel Energetics specialisation is in the design and manufacture of energetic materials, rocket motors, actuated devices and demolition stores - whereas Leafield's key skill is in the development and manufacture of electro-mechanical and pyro-mechanical sub-systems. Elsewhere within the Chemring Group's energetics division, the two businesses of PW Defence, based in Draycott, Derbyshire, and Bremerhaven, Germany-based Comet will be integrated and re-branded respectively as Chemring Defence UK and Chemring Defence Germany. The two companies will continue to operate from their current sites, although there will be some relocation and redistribution of products, manufacturing processes and commercial support functions. Technical Ordnance Inc. (Tek Ord), with over 45 years of experience, is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of low volume, high-reliability detonators, initiators and cutters for use in rocket motor igniters, rocket destruct systems components, satellites and various military safety systems. As a major defence contractor, Tek Ord has been involved in high volume military programmes such as torpedo projects, munitions dispensing systems, fuze programmes, aerial delivery and recovery systems, sub-munitions and demolition programmes. Technical Ordnance has an 88,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located on 640 acres in Clear Lake, South Dakota. Corporate offices, along with engineering, tool making, and high volume production machine building facilities, comprising over 16,000 sq. ft of floor space are located in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota. The Clear Lake production facility has the capability to produce more than 20 different types of products on any given day. The lines adjust easily between low volume and high volume production, depending on requirements. Earlier this year, Chemring acquired two new parts of the business - Simmel Difesa and Chemring Nobel AS. Italy's Simmel Difesa specialises in medium to large calibre ammunition for both naval and ground artillery, specialist ammunition, such as illumination mortar rounds, missile warheads and other components. Its primary facility at Colleferro has been supplemented recently by a second plant at Anagni, within which the Group will expand its ordnance disposal business. Simmel's product range includes munitions for both traditional and latest generation weapon systems. For certain weapons, it is the sole supplier of qualified ammunition and it has become a leader in the field of advanced proximity fuzes, designed to give higher protection against ECM, an improved detonating point and optimised system lethality. It is also engaged with extensive research and development of 'insensitive explosives', to satisfy growing demand for safety during handling and use. Chemring Nobel AS, based in Norway, manufactures high explosive materials such as RDX, HMX and explosive compositions based on these materials, as well as NTO, HNS and Alkyl-NENAS (energetic plastisizers). Its products are applied in ammunition and missile warheads, as well as in rocket and gun propellants. Special qualities are offered for IM applications. Chemring Nobel is recognised as a reliable source for high quality energetic materials to the ammunition and missile industry which, subject to export licences, are shipped to many continents. Chemring Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) The Chemring EOD division presence at DSEi includes leading specialist EOD, IEDD, de-mining, surveillance and search equipment provider, BDL Systems. The company offers a range of advanced and innovative products and solutions based on specific key user requirements, enabling security forces worldwide to maintain the advantage in the fight against terrorism. BDL Systems' products include exploders, radio frequency control initiators, breaching initiators, programmable time delay fuzes and remote camera systems. The BDL Colour Under Vehicle Surveillance (CUVSS) security camera systems have become the modern alternative to vehicle search mirrors, providing security personnel with a fast and effective method of viewing the underside of vehicles from a safe distance. A separate camera within the system captures the number plate and driver of the vehicle for reference purposes. Note to Editors: Chemring Group is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of military countermeasures, energetics and munitions, pyrotechnics, EOD and related products and services. It is a diversified and expanding international business, currently with facilities in the United Kingdom, other EU States, the US and Australia. Chemring Group companies employ over 2500 people, serving a worldwide customer base that includes prime contractors, military, homeland security and other specialised sectors. 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Date: Sep 7, 2007