$29.9 Million in new Special Material Decoys Orders

- USN Ordered $20.5 Million MJU-49/B - USAF Ordered $9.4 Million MJU-50/B & MJU-51A/B 1 February 2008, Chester Township, Pennsylvania --[ASDWire]-- Alloy Surfaces Co., Inc. (ASC) of Chester Township, Pennsylvania, announces receiving additional orders from the US Air Force and Navy. ASC was awarded an optional $20.5 Million contract to supply MJU-49/B Special Materials Decoys (SMD) to the Navy. (In May 2007, the US Navy awarded ASC $20.1 Million for MJU-49/B units.) The United States Navy will start to receive these decoys in the 3rd Quarter of 2008 and production will run until May 2009. ASC has also signed an agreement for USAF MJU-50/B and MJU-51A/B countermeasures, valued up to $9.4 Million. The USAF will start to receive deliveries in the first quarter of 2008. The USAF uses the MJU-50/B and the MJU-51A/B countermeasures to protect the C-17, C-130 transports and various types of fighters and helicopters against infrared missiles. The US Navy will be using the MJU-49/B decoys to protect various fighters and helicopters. All Special Material Decoys provide dramatically increased protection levels against current and the latest generation of IR missiles, commonly known as MANPADS. ASC's President John La Femina Stated: "The US Department of Defense continues to express their confidence and trust in Special Material Decoys. Alloy Surfaces will continue to deliver the highest quality infrared decoys to ensure the safe return of our pilots and air crews fighting the War on Terrorism around the globe." A subsidiary of Chemring Group PLC, UK, ASC is the world's largest IR expendable countermeasure manufacturer and the only producer of Special Material Decoys. ASC's decoys are on the leading edge of IR countermeasure technology and are currently being used to protect a wide variety of US and allied military aircraft. Alloy Surfaces' proprietary decoys have unique properties of day and night covertness and in-band radiant output that make them extraordinarily well suited to the modern warfighting challenge. Capable of fitting into any current or projected flare form factor, SMDs can be tailored to match aircraft signatures in missile guidance bands. In addition, SMDs are extremely safe to use and handle.John Fleitz, Business Development Manager 1 (484) 467-3791 Jfleitz@alloysurfaces.com

Source: Chemring Group
Date: Feb 7, 2008