For Comet, read Chemring Defence - as the leading brand launches new pyro products at I/ITSEC

Booth No: 939 @ The Interservice / Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference: 26th - 29th November 2007 - Orlando, Florida, USA Wednesday, 21st November 2007 --[ASDWire]-- Comet - now known as Chemring Defence Germany - will announce three new training and simulation products at I/ITSEC. The company has a particular reputation for its capabilities in simulating the effects of weapons and ammunition in the Live Training Arena. The company also makes theatre operational products such as Portable Explosive Minefield Breaching Systems. Comet's defence business will be progressively rebranded Chemring Defence, but in marine safety pyrotechnics the Comet name will remain a brand name of Chemring Marine Limited. New Groundbreaking Technology The all new Micro-Pyro and Macro-Pyro systems, being launched at I/ITSEC, break new ground in training and simulation technology. The compact re-useable launch module and a slot-in disposable pyrotechnic card is unique - and the company believes that it has a worldwide market opportunity to supply the systems to military users. Importantly, the systems offer significant cost savings compared with conventional pyrotechnic simulating rounds. The new systems have been developed specifically for training in urban operations, house-to-house fighting and indoor environments. Exceptional realism has been achieved whilst retaining optimum safety margins within close proximity of the device. The company has successfully completed in-house trials and safety certification by competent US-Army authorities is under way. The base unit for the micro-system is a 'Plug and Play' device, into which a 11 shot Micro-Pyro Card - about the size of a credit card - is inserted. During training, a sequence of simulated fire is created by electronically detonating a small (0.03 gram) charge, sealed into the card which produces a flash, a 120db bang and smoke. The Macro-Pyro system operates on a similar principal but utilises a 3 gram of charge and provides much more dramatic and louder result. Its features include flash, bang and smoke - and a starburst effect is also available. Even so, safety distances are a few metres and the device can be used inside buildings. The device is intelligent - and can be operated linked to a laser training system, which will trigger a kill signal when a target is hit. The rugged base units for both systems are designed to withstand continuous use through many hours of operation. Only the disposable Pyro Card need to be changed, once spent. Lightweight Gun Signature Simulator (LGSS) Also new at I/ITSEC is the company's Lightweight Gun Signature Simulator (LGSS), a universal, all-in-one Battlefield Effects Simulator (BES). At under 5 kilos complete, it is easily transportable - and represents a major departure from typical devices in current use, which can weigh 25 kgs or more. The lightweight system offers all the performance, characteristics and features of other types and can be operated either remotely via RF signals or via a hardwire connection. LGSS has been designed and built to utilise existing, in-service type-qualified and material-released pyrotechnic ammunition of the M30- and M31-types. LGSS makes own and hostile effect simulation detectable by night vision equipment under all weather and visibility conditions, thus enhancing tactical realism in training. LGSS is adaptable to combat vehicles for Force-on-Force training, as well as to advanced targetry, to simulate hostile fire and hit in Force-on-Target live fire training. In addition, LGSS can be used with a range of coloured smoke cartridges to simulate effects from hits of direct and indirect fire, weapons and ammunitions. The LGSS compliments Chemring Defence's other systems including a Main Gun Signature Simulator (MGSS) and a Direct Indirect Fire Cue (DIFCUE) which use flash, bang and smoke cartridges to emulate the effects of the main gun being fired on an armoured fighting vehicle. In addition, it supplies a ManPAD missile simulator to train against new, emergent, proliferating and specific threats. The device effectively simulates the deployment of a missile, providing a blast, bright light and smoke trail for about 2 seconds - plus a strong plume in the IR-spectrum of light - simulating the launch phase of many types of portable surface-launched missiles. -ends- Note to Editors: Chemring Group is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of military countermeasures, energetics and munitions, pyrotechnics, EOD and related products and services. It is a diversified and expanding international business, currently with facilities in the United Kingdom, other EU States, the US and Australia. Chemring Group companies employ over 2500 people, serving a worldwide customer base that includes prime contractors, military, homeland security and other specialised sectors. Visit Hans G Morotini Chemring Defence Germany GmbH Vieländer Weg 147 27574 Bremerhaven Germany Telephone: +49 (471) 393-31 Fax: +49 (471) 393-170 Mobile: +49 162 973 13 10 E-mail: Website: Rik Armitage Chemring Group PLC Chemring House 1500 Parkway Whiteley, Fareham Hampshire PO15 7AF United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0) 1489 864489 Fax: +44 (0) 1489 881123 Mobile: +44 (0) 7738 046579 E-mail: Website:

Source: Chemring Group
Date: Nov 21, 2007

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