Nammo to Demil Cluster Weapons for Norwegian Armed Forces

(April 30, 2009) -- Nammo has recently signed a Demil contract with the Norwegian Armed Forces for demilitarization of their stock of 52.000 e.a. of 155mm Improved Conventional Munitions (ICM). The contract is a result of the Oslo Convention and the Ban on Cluster Munitions, signed by 94 Nations in Oslo on 3 December 2008. The fact that the Norwegian Armed Forces takes this fast action will influence on the other signing nations of the Oslo Convention. The disposal of the ICM's has started today, 30 April 2009, at Nammo's Demil facility at Lokken Verk outside Trondheim in Norway. The contract is foreseen to be completed by 31 July 2010. "For Nammo it is of utmost importance that Norway, as one of our three Nordic Home Markets, signs this contract with us and chooses a secure and environmental friendly demilitarization method. I hope that we in the future also can assist the Norwegian Armed Forces with their disposal of other stocks of old and obsolete ammunition types", says Reijo Bragberg, Executive Vice President of Nammo's Demil Division.

Source: Nammo AS
Date: May 1, 2009