Delivery of the 900th PC-12

(April 30, 2009) -- Pilatus Aircraft is pleased to announce a major program milestone today with the delivery of the 900th PC-12. At a celebration at the company's US headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, owner Ron Roma accepted the keys to his new aircraft from Pat Epps, President of Epps Aviation, the factory authorized Pilatus Center for the southeastern United States based in Atlanta, Georgia. Roma, who has owned no less than four new PC-12s previously, not only has the distinction of owning the milestone aircraft, a brand new 2009 PC-12 NG, but also for taking delivery of his 5th new PC-12 from Pilatus. Roma explained, "Why do I keep coming back? I've flown PC-12s for many years now on personal flights with my family and for business. I have flown all over the United States and around the world twice in them. The aircraft is extremely solid and reliable. Pilatus engineering just nailed it when they originally designed it and since then they have made very thoughtful improvements over the years. The PC-12 is just a great thing that keeps getting better, and now I'll have the latest with the PC-12 NG."
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Source: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
Date: May 1, 2009