Futron launcher study ranks ILS' Atlas & Proton as best

MCLEAN, Va.--Nov. 10, 2004 International Launch Services (ILS) and its two vehicles, Atlas and Proton, ranked as the best in a study of the launch industry conducted by Futron Corp. Futron, a decision support consulting firm, polled executives at satellite operators around the world, whose companies account for more than half of all the world's commercial satellite launches. ILS was rated No. 1 overall, with its Lockheed Martin-built Atlas (NYSE:LMT) or Khrunichev-built Proton rocket ranked first in each category assessed. These categories included overall reliability, launch operations/schedule assurance, performance flexibility and customer service. "We wanted a third-party assessment of what's important to launch customers, what criteria they use to determine 'best value,'" said ILS President Mark Albrecht. "We're gratified that our customers have ranked us so well in every category." Futron found that customers ranked Atlas No. 1 and Proton No. 2 among all launch systems. The study confirmed that reliability and schedule assurance are the most important customer buying criteria, and that Atlas and Proton are the industry's two best vehicles in delivering reliable, on-time launch services. Albrecht added: "ILS had a fantastic year in 2004, leading the market in orders as well as number of launches. We're not content to rest on our laurels, however, and we're always looking for ways to serve the customer better." To see the full report, please visit the ILS or Futron websites: www.ilslaunch.com or www.futron.com.

Source: ILS
Date: Nov 10, 2004

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