Hellenic Navy Orders More Thales Systems

(Hengelo, March 23, 2009) -- BVT Surface Fleet International Ltd. and Thales Nederland have signed a contract for the delivery of systems to be installed on two Roussen class Fast Attack Craft that will be built for the Hellenic Navy. After a contract for the construction of three Roussen class FACs in 2000, and an additional two in 2003, the total number of vessels to be delivered to the Hellenic Navy will be seven. Similar to the earlier contracts, these two FACs will be built by Elefsis Shipbuilding & Industrial Enterprises in Greece on behalf of BVT Surface Fleet International Ltd. The first ship is scheduled to be handed over to the Hellenic Navy by the end of 2012; the second one about a year later. The first Thales delivery will be early 2011. The vessels will be equipped with Thales's MW08 medium-range surveillance radar, Sting EO Mk2 Fire Control Radar, two Target Designation Sights, Mirador electro-optic fire control system, Tacticos Combat Management System with MOC Mk3 Operator Consoles, Link 11 Tactical Data Link, DR3000 ESM system, Scout/Bridgemaster navigation radar and communication system. Thales will also provide the system integration of all sensors and weapons with the Combat Management System. The current contract underpins the excellent relations between the Hellenic Navy, BVT Surface Fleet, Elefsis Shipbuilding & Industrial Enterprises, and Thales.

Source: Thales
Date: Mar 24, 2009