Patria Nemo Navy Mortar System Selected for UAE

(February 25, 2009) -- United Arab Emirates Naval Forces will acquire 12 new patrol boats and retrofit the twelve existing boats in their fleet. Patria has been selected to supply mortar systems to a part of these 25 meter vessels that are originally of Swedish design. These systems will create a new, mobile fire support system with high firepower and good mobility for the coastal protection. "We are very pleased that the UAE Armed Forces has chosen Patria Nemo Navy especially after having ordered Patria AMV vehicles earlier. This order confirms Patria's position as the global market leader in turreted mortar systems. We also see the Arabian Peninsula as one of our focus areas in the future", states Mr Seppo Seppala, President of Patria Land & Armament Oy. Patria Nemo is the latest member in Patria's mortar system family. It is a 120 mm remote controlled mortar turret, providing both direct and indirect fire support. As a modern and compact system, Patria Nemo can easily be mounted onto various tracked and wheeled chassis. Due to its low weight of only 1500 kg, Patria Nemo is now also adaptable to lightweight, high-speed vessels and can be effectively used for harbour patrolling and protection, coastal guarding and infantry landing operations.

Source: Patria Oyj
Date: Feb 26, 2009