Thales Announces Sub-Contract for Lithuanian Minehunter Contract

(February 19, 2009) -- Thales UK's naval business today announces the signature of an important sub-contract with Swedish company Polyamp AB for the supply of mine warfare degaussing systems for its new Lithuanian warship reactivation programme. Following an agreement between the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Lithuanian Government in November 2008, Thales was named as the prime contractor to reactivate two former Royal Navy Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessels. Thales has since been engaged in the sub-contracts selection procedure, including propulsion, command and control, and mine disposal systems. The first sub-contract, to supply propulsion for the two ships, was signed with Finning UK on 29 January. The ship regeneration package is an innovative departure for Thales UK, with responsibility for the revised vessel design, equipment/system specification and procurement, platform and system integration. The company is also responsible for reactivation shipyard management and all test, trial and acceptance events. Stockholm-based Polyamp will be responsible for supplying the advanced degaussing system for the two ships, using digitally controlled amplifiers that will power the existing compartment degaussing coils and new equipment coils. Degaussing reduces the magnetic signature of a vessel, protecting it from the threat of magnetic mines. Thales will also be fitting its own new hull-mounted Sonar 2193 system to the two warships. They are expected to enter service with the Lithuanian Navy by 2011. Ed Lowe, Managing Director of Thales UK's naval business, says: "We welcome this latest announcement. Signing two important sub-contracts within such a short space of time is an excellent indication of how this innovative programme is progressing."

Source: Thales
Date: Feb 20, 2009