Esterline CMC Electronics to Launch Frontier R&D Initiative

(Montreal, Quebec, January 13, 2009) -- Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) will invest $149.4 million in research and development over the next five years following the Canadian government decision to support a initiative to develop an industry-leading commercial avionics and communications platform through a repayable investment for R&D. The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, and the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, announced today that Canada's Innovation & Technology Office - Strategic Aerospace & Defense Initiative (ITO-SADI) will invest $52.3 million over the same period in support of CMC FronTier(tm) cockpit R&D initiative. CMC's $149.4 million in R&D investment will aim at innovative technologies for this commercial integrated cockpit and communication system destined for business jets as well as helicopters and air transport aircraft. FronTier(tm) will help position CMC as a major player in the field of avionics design and integration. "By undertaking the FronTier(tm) R&D initiative, CMC will continue its focus on innovation, knowledge and knowhow and develop products and systems which will meet and exceed aircraft operators' requirements", said Jean-Pierre Mortreux, president and CEO of CMC. "We will be aiming at reducing the cost of aircraft ownership, improving safety, increasing capacity and reducing environmental impact of aircraft operations".
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Source: CMC Electronics
Date: Jan 14, 2009