Eurocontrol Pioneers Next-Generation of Interoperable FDPS

(Maastricht, the Netherlands, December 15, 2008) -- EUROCONTROL's Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre has implemented a next-generation interoperable Flight Data Processing System (FDPS) to manage one of Europe's busiest and most complex airspaces, located above the Benelux and North-West Germany. Delivered by Spanish systems provider Indra, the system supports both civil and military operations and provides a set of leading-edge tools to handle future traffic growth in a safer, more expeditious and environmentally efficient manner. "Our ability to meet the challenges facing the air transport industry is closely linked with the implementation of new technologies, which must be harmonised and fully interoperable. The new Flight Data Processing System at Maastricht provides an excellent technology base for effective trans-national air navigation services, a key element in the Single European Sky," said David McMillan, Director General of EUROCONTROL. "It will contribute to meeting the objectives for a less fragmented, and more performance-driven air traffic management system, in line with the long-term objectives of SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research), Europe's infrastructure modernisation programme." The new system indeed complies with the Single European Sky regulation on the interoperability of the European ATM network (EC) No. 552/2004 and the applicable implementing rules. Developed in line with European Flight Data Processing (eFDP) specifications, it is a fundamental step towards the Single European Sky's objective to reduce the fragmentation of Air Traffic Control systems, still prevailing in today's Europe, by increasing the interoperability between these systems. In addition to supporting the provision of effective air navigation services, the new FDPS's advanced features will also shape a unique platform that is capable to support the pre-operational evaluation and validation of future concepts in support of the SESAR development phase, in or close to a real operational environment.
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Source: Eurocontrol
Date: Dec 16, 2008