'Rafale Care' Maintenance Contract Awarded

(Saint-Cloud, France, December 12, 2008) -- The SIMMAD(1) recently awarded Dassault Aviation a 10-year contract to provide maintenance for all of the equipment within its work scope for the 120 Rafale aircraft ordered to date by the French Air Force and Navy. This contract marks a key milestone in the operation of the Rafale in the armed forces over the coming years. The State's targets for fleet operational availability and reduction of Rafale maintenance costs have been satisfied thanks to a global, long-term maintenance contract based on payment per flying hour, with a commitment by Dassault Aviation to ensure that the amount will be regressive in future years. This "Rafale Care" contract covers all the functions of the aircraft with the exception of the engine and the radar, countermeasures and weapon systems. This broad scope of application allows Dassault Aviation to align itself with the State's Airworthiness requirements.

Source: Dassault Aviation
Date: Dec 15, 2008