EADS Delivers the 1st C-295 Aircraft to Portugal

(Madrid, November 18, 2008) -- EADS Military Transport Aircraft has delivered today the first of twelve (12) military transport aircraft C-295 to Jorge Rolo, Chairman of DEFAERLOC (State owned company in charge of procuring defence material for Portugal) ordered by the Portuguese Air Force in February 2006. The Portuguese Defence Minister, Nuno Severiano Teixeira, and the Spanish Defence Minister, Carme Chacon, attended the ceremony. Seven (7) of the aircraft will have military transport configuration and five (5) will be equipped for maritime surveillance missions (VIMAR version) with FITS, a mission system entirely developed by EADS CASA. The VIMAR aircraft can be rapidly adapted to the transport configuration. These twelve aircraft will replace the fleet of Aviocar C-212, also supplied by former CASA, which have been operating satisfactorily since the 1970's. Starting today, one aircraft will be delivered every one and a half month approximately, until the total of 12 units is reached. The transport aircraft will be supplied first and the maritime surveillance aircraft thereafter. EADS MTAD will also provide "Full In-Service Support" for these aircraft, for a minimum period of 5 years.

Source: EADS
Date: Nov 19, 2008