Charles River Analytics Selected to Support DARPA's Deep Green Program

(Cambridge, MA., November 5, 2008) -- Charles River Analytics (, a developer of cutting-edge intelligent technologies and human-centered interfaces for complex software applications, was awarded a subcontract from Science Applications International Corporation [NYSE: SAI] to develop an innovative graphical interface for the Deep Green battle-planning tool. Deep Green is being developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and is designed to help Army battlefield commanders develop more intelligent, reactive battle plans that better penetrate the fog of war. Deep Green will help commanders predict and visualize possible battlefield events and plan for them ahead of time. Charles River Analytics will provide a novel interface that allows commanders and their staffs to visualize large numbers of possible battle outcomes so that they can rapidly develop contingency plans, both before and during combat operations. The one-year contract was awarded in June, 2008, with the option of two additional one-year contract extensions. With all options exercised, the contract value is over $2 million. Dr. Scott Neal Reilly, Vice President of Decision Management Systems at Charles River, described Charles River's role in Deep Green: "We are very excited about this opportunity to work on Deep Green. It allows us to apply our expertise developing human-centered tools that help people make better decisions to a project that will be tremendously valuable for battle commanders of the future." Dr. Neal Reilly continued, "We are proud to be selected for the Deep Green program and look forward to working with DARPA and the rest of the Deep Green team on a challenging project with great potential for improving Army operations."

Source: Charles River Analytics inc.
Date: Nov 6, 2008

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