First Airlines Obtain ADS-B Airworthiness Approval

(Brussels, Belgium, October 21, 2008) -- Air France, Air One and Volkswagen, three of the 18 aircraft operators participating in EUROCONTROL's ADS-B Pioneer Airlines project, have become the world's first airlines to obtain EASA's approval to use ADS-B in airspace not covered by radar. The airworthiness approval, covers Airbus, Boeing and Dassault airframes and allows ADS-B messages broadcast via 1090 MHz Extended Squitter to be used as the sole surveillance source for an air traffic control service. Currently Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy and Turkey are committed to implementing ADS-B in those parts of their airspace not covered by radar. The EASA approval is also valid in the Hudson Bay area of Canada where the ADS-B operational service will commence in November 2008. "Approval by EASA of ADS-B use in European airspace is a major step forward and will create opportunities for fuel and emission savings, whilst enhancing safety levels," said Alex Wandels, Manager of EUROCONTROL's CASCADE programme. "Following the approval from EASA, we know that the airlines are eager to begin using ADS-B in their daily operations, in addition to participating in trials."

Source: Eurocontrol
Date: Oct 22, 2008

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