Ukraine and Eurocopter Sign Contract for Rescue and Emergency Helicopters

The Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine and Eurocopter signed a contract for the acquisition of two Eurocopter helicopters of the type EC145. Based in the Kiev region, they will be used for a wide range of missions that cover rescue, emergency medical evacuation and fire fighting. The aircrafts will be delivered in 2009. The Ukrainian "Ministry of Emergencies and Affairs of Population Protection from the Consequences of Chernobyl Catastrophe" will be able to react quickly and efficiently to emergency situations that require the use of helicopters. As the Ministry is in charge of a broad spectrum of tasks including rescue, emergency medical evacuation, fire fighting, road or mine accidents, the modern multi-mission helicopters fit perfectly to the comprehensive demands. Both helicopters will be home based at the Special Aviation Squadron of the Operational Rescue Service of Public Safety of the Ministry of Emergencies in Nizhyn (Chernihivska Oblast). Ukraine will now be able to offer to its citizens the highest standard of helicopter emergency medical and rescue services. "Eurocopter is welcoming this first cooperation with the Ukrainian State. For the first time, a Ministry in Ukraine organized a tender open to Western helicopter manufacturers, and Eurocopter is particularly proud that the Ministry of Emergencies selected the EC145 for its unique technical capabilities and ability to fulfill demanding operational requirements", says Lutz Bertling, President and CEO Eurocopter.

Source: EADS
Date: Oct 20, 2008

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