Nammo Signs Ammunition Demil Agreement With MoD UK

(September 5, 2008) -- NAMMO, an International Defence Group, has been awarded a five year Tasking Agreement by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), for the demilitarization of ammunition. Under this agreement the MoD will raise tasks for the demilitarization of natures of ammunition considered beyond normal service life. The MOD will however reserve the right to compete larger programmes for disposal either direct or through NAMSA. Routine small scale disposals will remain with the MoD's Shoeburyness facility operated by QinetiQ. NAMMO Demil is the leading European contractor specialising in safe and environmentally controlled demilitarization of ammunition with dedicated factories in Germany, Norway and Sweden. All the NAMMO facilities meet the strict National and European requirements for the discharge of effluent through the air, water and ground. NAMMO have chosen Exchem Defence Systems Ltd as the Teaming Partner for this programme expanding on their successful relationship where the facility at Bramble Island has been utilised for processing and onward shipping prior to final demilitarization. Reijo Bragberg, Executive Vice President of NAMMO Demil Division, said "NAMMO are delighted to have been awarded this agreement, it is a new way of contracting for us providing for more efficient planning and loading for our facilities that will result in savings for our customer, the UK MoD" NAMMO previously won competitive tenders for the demilitarization of a large quantity of, "MLRS rockets" contracted through NAMSA and for the disposal of LAW 80 direct with the UK MoD. "This is yet further proof that our strategy in offering environmentally responsible multiple demilitarisation technologies is attractive and competitive on the market. This also positions NAMMO well to meet the current need for demilitarization of cluster munitions, says Mr Bragberg" Colonel David Collins, the Defence General Munitions Integrated Project Team Leader, said, 'This Tasking Agreement will complement our existing disposal routes allowing my team to be more agile and flexible in meeting the dynamic disposal requirements from across MoD in a cost effective and responsive manner'

Source: Nammo AS
Date: Sep 8, 2008

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