First US Regional Carrier Flies With Lido RouteManual

Pinnacle Airlines relies on aeronautical IT solutions from Lufthansa Systems (May 15, 2008) -- Lufthansa Systems today announced that Pinnacle Airlines Inc. selected Lufthansa Systems' navigation charts (Lido RouteManual) to optimize its flight operations processes. All Pinnacle's cockpit crews are equipped with Lido RouteManual. The decision for Lido RouteManual puts Pinnacle Airlines in an ideal position to take advantage of Lufthansa Systems' electronic navigation charts (Lido eRouteManual) in the future. "We were impressed by the high quality and precision of the Lido RouteManual navigations charts. Our pilots benefit from the new charts which are drawn to scale and support visual thought with their clear color-coding and self-explanatory symbols," explained Mike Garvin, Vice President of Flight Operations at Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. Lido RouteManual meets the highest standards of precision and quality. It contains airport and terminal charts as well as enroute charts. Lido RouteManual's color-coded and clear design enables pilots to register all relevant information at a glance. Lido RouteManual is generated directly from a database which is based on worldwide geographical and aeronautical data. Pinnacle Airlines has also deployed Lido Operations Center (OC), Lufthansa Systems' flight planning solution. Lido OC automatically calculates the ideal route between two airports and creates reliable and easy-to-understand briefing documents for each flight. The solution combines safety and flexibility with the ability to save fuel and to lower costs. With its modern technology and user-friendly architecture, Lido OC covers all aspects of flight planning and the associated follow-up processes. "We are very pleased to add Pinnacle Airlines as our first regional carrier in the U.S. to our customer base for Lido RouteManual. Pinnacle's decision in favor of our Airline Operations solutions strengthens our position in the American market," said Klaus Bernhardt, Senior Vice President Sales Americas at Lufthansa Systems. More than 140 airlines around the world are currently optimizing their flight operations using Airline Operations solutions of Lufthansa Systems.

Source: Lufthansa Systems AG
Date: May 16, 2008