VIM Avia Continues its Cooperation With Lufthansa Systems

(February 14, 2008) -- VIM Avia and Lufthansa Systems have renewed their contract for the use of the Flight Management System (FMS) database. The Russian carrier will continue to receive all navigation data from Lufthansa Systems for the next five years. The contract extension also covers the use of Lido FMS by VIM Avia's subsidiary Air Bashkortostan. The FMS database contains all important route information including altitude and airport data for optimizing routes and supporting autopilots on board modern aircraft. The navigation data, which are based on global aeronautical information, are updated and organized monthly and can be customized to specific routes and for use in any type of aircraft. The FMS database also contains important data to ensure the most efficient engine power levels, ultimately resulting in fuel savings. Lufthansa Systems can thus meet the requirements and needs of airlines.

Source: Lufthansa Systems AG
Date: Feb 15, 2008