Rafael's Displays its Torbuster - Hard Kill Torpedo Decoy for the First Time at Pacific 2008

(Haifa, January 24, 2008) -- Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will release its Torbuster, hard kill torpedo decoy to the public at Pacific 2008 in Sydney, Australia next week. The Torbuster is a fourth generation torpedo decoy for submarines. It provides effective defence against all types of acoustic homing torpedoes. Upon detection of an incoming torpedo, the submarine launches a Torbuster from an external launcher. The decoy will propel itself to a safe distance from the submarine and seduce the incoming torpedo by transmitting acoustic signals using a technology based on the Scutter, reactive acoustic decoy for ships. As the torpedo homes in on the decoy, the decoy will sense when it is at the closest point of approach and self-explode, inflicting sufficient damage to the torpedo to neutralize it. The Torbuster joins several combat proven acoustic torpedo defense systems developed and produced by Rafael for ships and submarines, such as the Scutter, Lescut and Subscut. Dr. Benjamin Keren, Corporate VP and General Manager - Ordnance and Protection Division at Rafael, believes that "the Torbuster will enable the Royal Australian Navy to effectively protect its submarines from the most advanced torpedoes in the world today - even in green or brown water."

Source: RAFAEL
Date: Jan 25, 2008

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