Civil-Military Cooperation Crucial for Future of European Air Traffic Management

(Brussels, Belgium, November 5, 2007) -- Civil-military cooperation and coordination is crucial for the success of the future European air traffic management network and for the success of the Single European Sky, a high-level military conference has been told. The conference, which marked the first anniversary of the EUROCONTROL Directorate for Civil-Military ATM Coordination (DCMAC), included representatives from the military of 22 European states, NATO, the European Commission and USAFE (United States Air Force Europe). The aim of the conference was to ensure that national military authorities are fully aware of developments in civil air traffic management and the resulting DCMAC activities so that they can take master the challenges of ongoing civil-military cooperation. "EUROCONTROL, as the only intergovernmental civil-military organisation for air traffic management, has an important role to play in bringing together civil and military requirements for air traffic management," said Jean-Robert Cazarre, Director of Civil-Military ATM Coordination at EUROCONTROL. "Military-military harmonisation and civil-military interoperability will be key if we are to successfully implement the Single European Sky." Key issues discussed at the meeting included the integration of military requirements into the European air traffic management network via DMEAN- the Dynamic Management of the European Airspace Network programme; benefits and improvements for future military requirement facilitation through pro-active civil-military cooperation in Single European Sky implementation and SESAR, the SES ATM Research programme; challenges of integrating military unmanned aerial vehicles into regular operational air traffic (OAT) arrangements and support that EUROCONTROL's Civil-Military ATM Coordination Directorate can provide to military stakeholders. Speaking on behalf of Member State military representatives, Major General Antonio Pilotto, Chairman of the European Air Traffic Management Military Directors Conference underlined the need for full integration of military requirements into the Single European Sky (SES) and SESAR, the SES ATM Research programme. He also made underlined some of the expectations regarding the facilitation of all military aerial and air traffic management requirements. Particular areas of interest for the Member States are equal consideration of military and civil needs through intra-governmental arrangements with appropriate military representation and an enhanced cooperation between their armed forces in regulatory and safety regulatory matters leading to OAT harmonisation and interoperability between OAT and GAT. However, the Member States made it clear that they will retain sovereignty over their airspace.

Source: Eurocontrol
Date: Nov 6, 2007