Rafael Awarded $52M Contract by the US Army

(Haifa, Israel, November 4, 2007) -- Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has been awarded a contract by the US Army worth $52M for the Simon (GREM) door breaching rifle grenade. The Simon or GREM as it is known in the US is a lightweight, rifle-launched grenade specially adapted to breaching steel or wooden doors from a stand-off distance, and may be fired from a variety of rifles using regular bullets. The Simon (GREM) is designed to breach a door or to enable breaking an entry into a building or an enclosed area, while posing minimum collateral damage or risk to the gunner and to troops following him. The warhead has a special dome shape and its explosion generates a shock wave which blasts the door and causes it to yield. The Simon (GREM), developed and produced by Rafael, was chosen as one of 10 best projects and won the US Army's Award of Excellence in 2005.

Source: RAFAEL
Date: Nov 6, 2007

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